Enjoy Christmas in a relaxed way - Gift ideas for every type!

Anna is always looking for her things. Dario loves to ride his bike and Maria only likes black - everyone is unique and has his preferences.

Find the right gift for every type at EVA BLUT - from the comfort of your sofa. 

Let's go!

Enough with searching. For all those who have a little trouble keeping things tidy the Flat Pack Small is a real wonder weapon. With two compartments for those things you don't want to do without, it's also a fanny pack that's not bulky, and a crossbody-bag that even fits under a jacket.

Smoking without ugly packets and many logos. Those who (still) indulge their lust may do so because of the ritual - and rolling cigarettes themselves is definitely one such. Tobag is the flat purse for everything you need for this: a large compartment for tobacco, one for filters, one for paper and a zipped compartment for everything else - or money. 

She loves the city and is attracted by beautiful things. She needs space and free hands and the purse quickly at hand! Shopper is her ideal partner. He supplies slim space under her arm and can still take a lot. A zipper on the side allows her to quickly reach the main compartment - without having to remove the bag


He has a mobile nature. He sets great store by a style that distinguishes him from the sporty. No functional clothing, but rather appropriate to the occasion - tending to be elegant. The Weekender accompanies him: on a short trip, for sports or if you want to take a lot more with you besides your laptop.


Generosity is a beautiful basic stance. Being generous to oneself also gives room. For example, for playing with your own appearance. Corolla Large gives a lot of room not to be limited, because around the main compartment there are four pockets where the little things go. No more searching.

Someone who wants to concentrate on essential things without being distracted by their appearance likes things to be adaptable. Such as the Sack Pack backpack, which during the day offers space for a laptop and - with its zipped shape - is ready for sports or leisure.  

Her well-groomed appearance shows that she knows what she is worth. It conveys an elevated claim to what embodies quality, design and material. Star Hobo Small is a graceful companion: unmistakable design made of haptically flattering anilin leather.

He is well organised and approaches things thoughtfully. He knows what he wants and acts cleverly. Having things clearly arranged in front of him sets him free. So does Frame Folder Long. This is a small folding bag that can be attached to the men's bike and has room for documents, wallet, telephone, etc.

She has tried out enough and discovered things that she gives priority to. She has freed herself from fashions and has found a timeless validity. Corolla is the EVA BLUT classic that has won through originality, function and characteristics.

He is one of the most difficult people to give presents to, because apparently there is nothing missing. However, because gifts also have the purpose of bringing each other to mind, something that is often taken in hand is suitable. Something that feels as good as the hand charmer Ball on the key.

Conventions are boring for her. Instead of pure functionalism, she loves personal expression and the effect of details. Corolla Micro is such a detail: a flower-shaped origami bag - just big enough for mobile phone, glasses & lipstick.

He loves the reduction to the essential as a form of freedom. He tends not to wear patterns, does not want to overload himself - and his environment. That is why Cabas fits him well. Cabas offers generous space, is well structured, pleasant to wear and is lightweight.

She is cool, doesn't get excited easily and is therefore not petty when something isn't perfect. A swing comes from her and shapes her style. Twist Shirt is a generous bag with a bounce that can easily be transformed from a shoulder bag into a backpack.

He is a very sensitive type and sensitive to colours, textures and tastes. His perception is honed. He therefore chooses very carefully what he surrounds himself with. He likes the Triple wallet because its structure is unique, its material is supple and its handling is surprising.

She carries her lightness through life without too much grounding. Her positive nature makes this path carefree. To keep it that way, she likes uncomplicated things. Bags like Shopper Micro. The soft crossbody bag on two dimensions with two separate main compartments lets you keep the necessary things apart.

She likes to keep her distance from everyday life, but knows all the developments in the popular epics of the present. With names she spontaneously connects leading roles and their characters and helps to reconstruct every plot. When she doesn't have her laptop with her, she feels naked. Single is the simple pouch that prevents this. 

She is a whirlwind and thus two steps ahead of the others. In order to do this without rushing, she needs her hands free and wants to avoid the hassle of changing bags.

She doesn't have to, with the Sachet Braid, because she opens the crossbody-bag and thus gains space for bigger things.

Have you asked yourself in the examples whether you correspond to a type yourself? It is quite good to know his needs and many ways to meet them. With the bags from EVA BLUT you should in any case be prepared for the most diverse occasions with ease.