TABULA RASA - Spring Summer 2021

That things need not remain as we know them is something we have learned thoroughly over the past year.

Wiping the slate clean and rewriting it is an imperative of such times.

Taken very literally, this should also apply to this new collection:
What remains when we erase the blackboard?
A surface. Length times width.

This simple two-dimensional figure is the basic shape of all the bags this season. 
A square may be very simple.

The surprises it holds lie in the way it is handled, in folds, detail solutions, volume formation,

a desired variability - simply in its third dimension.


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At a time when traveling out into the world has become difficult, we turn our eyes
back into your own country. So far, this design has been carried around the world. The desire to see it increasingly in their own country the idea for DESIGN ON TRAVEL came up.


Each of these designers relates the world to their product and in different ways
its design with a. We bring these products back to Austria.
We visit vacation spots and stimulate them with delightful, lasting impulses.

Designs of Wubet, Margaret and Hermione, Alexandra Pruscha and Eva Blut.



First stop: Bad Gastein!
The Hotel Miramonte invites you to the pavilion
Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade 10
CHF 31.7. - Sun 2.8.
Opening with live music on Fri 4:30 p.m.
Opening times: 10:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 18:00



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