All beings are patchworked by nature, uniquely arranged into one unity.

Each element, each momentum becomes an essential component of every single individual.
How does the relationship between singularity and the collective work?

How does the personal, the individual relate to the common?

The new collection celebrates differences and yet seeks common ground.


The colour scheme consists of primary colours, which are, however, composed of many tones.
The material is leather throughout, showing very different characters.
Each piece is only available once, but still part of one series - always different.

Carried here by women only, all unique in their own self-conception.


The Col is made exclusively from existing ressources of past collections.

Working exclusively with what is already available also means that no two bags are the same: unique pieces as limited editions are the consequence.


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The One Month Shop Experience


In June, the doors open to the temporary EVA BLUT Store in Vienna's 7th district.

Exactly 2 years ago, we closed the doors of EVA BLUT in Vienna's city centre and integrated the store into our studio in the 7th district.
In order to feel the city more intensively again, we are looking for a connection to the street.
That is why we are pleased to occupy the showroom of the Viennese upholsterer KOHLMAIER.

Our love of design, functionality and craftsmanship is uniting us.

In addition to the current collection, we will also present works from our artistic surrounding every week.

every always from 18:00

Wed. 8 June: MICHAIL MICHAILOV - Installation, who is also staging the Bulgarian Pavilion at the current Biennale di Venezia

Wed. 15 June: GERHARD VEISMANN - Drawing

Wed. 22 June: SABINE SCHWAIGHOFER - Photography

Wed. 29 June: BERNADETTE ANZENGRUBER - Installation

Wed. 6 June: The art series will be celebrated with a musical surprise and the countdown has begun for the extension for another two weeks at this venue.

Neubaugasse 32, 1070 Vienna
We look forward to seeing you again in a new place! 
Let's stick together!


(c) Nadine Brendel / Studio5640

Zu Gast bei WALLY BADGASTEIN, again 2022!


Wally is a beautiful store with excellent & friendly service. The collections are definitely very well picked, a good mixture of modern style and wearability. Whenever you are looking for exclusive, minimal designer clothing and accessoires, this is the place to go in Bad Gastein, Salzburg and surroundings.


We are delighted to be part of this successful design! 


In July 2022 we will present the current summer collection 'ASSEMBLAGE'.

After our visit the following autumn/winter col. will be available here.
The designer will also be present in person from July 19th to 22nd 2022.






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