TABULA RASA - Spring Summer 2021

That things need not remain as we know them is something we have learned thoroughly over the past year.

Wiping the slate clean and rewriting it is an imperative of such times.

Taken very literally, this should also apply to this new collection:
What remains when we erase the blackboard?
A surface. Length times width.

This simple two-dimensional figure is the basic shape of all the bags this season. 
A square may be very simple.

The surprises it holds lie in the way it is handled, in folds, detail solutions, volume formation,

a desired variability - simply in its third dimension.


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POP UP at the 'Heurigen' - It's going to be epicurean!


Because it is finally possible to meet again at the Heurigen, we invite you to do so.
The 'Schübel-Auer' with one of the oldest guest gardens at the foot of the Nussberg is one of the most beautiful traditional wine taverns in Vienna.
EVA BLUT is pleased to provide new aprons for the staff.
To introduce them, we are therefore setting up a pop-up shop in the so called 'Salettl'. 
Come and taste a good drop with us - together with bags in beautiful shapes and colours and discover (if you don't know it yet) a wonderful place.

on the 18/19/20th of June 2021

and 25/26/27th of June 2021 with a visit of the chorus KÖRDELÖR:

Pop up shop at Heurigen Schübel Auer 

Kahlenberger Straße 22, 1190 Vienna in Nussdorf 

We show the current Col. TABULA RASA as well as the small leather goods MINIATURES

from 17:00 - open end



AW 20/21

S 20

AW 19/20

SS 19

AW 18/19

SS 18

AW 17/18