EVA BLUT team has recently partnered with young photographers to create something truly unique - their new photo campaign for Eva’s recent collection NO WASTE.

They pushed their creative limits and made magic together to make a debut across Instagram and other social media.

Why don't we discover what made it so special on both sides?

Roozbeh Gholami and Dalmonia Rognean, photographers 

What was special about EVA BLUT bags?


Because of the multi-functionality of Eva’s bags, we enjoyed exploring how the bags can be modeled and used.


How did you create the ideas?


We discussed together our daily interaction with bags in general.
We noticed, that a bag acts as an important companion that almost has a life of its own, but also as an extension of our body.
The idea of a bag that is always for you available, in the planned and the unplanned situations; the bag as a place of refuge and the bag as a thing that changes your whole body movement and appearance. Starting from these conversations, we formed our ideas considering the different attributes of Eva Blut’s bags: form, weight, color, and material.

A lot of details developed while photographing. This is what we liked the most about the shooting, it felt like a performance for us, the photographers. We used ourselves as models, as we were interacting with the bags. 

Also, it was fun for all of us: one day we were laughing at our own misery when we were out in the freezing cold and we broke a mirror and a bottle of champagne in the process.

- Eva Buchleitner, founder of Eva Blut

First of all, I like photography as an art language and if photo talks to me. I like it, because a photo makes me aware, from an different perspective, what I have made. This offers a new context which let me think further. Like a dialogue.

It is a tool to make something communal out of your individual position of design.


So I discovered the works of Dalmonia and Roozbeh, which have a very interesting life.

I felt that they would be very open to what the design of my bags offers.


They brought a free approach and demonstrated daily life with my bags in a new way.

It opens a window into how everyday situations could be shown from different angles and how your bag could be the right companion to live through these situations as well.



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