Shipment within Austria/delivery within two - four days
(shipment by Post or GLS): EUR 6.00

Shipment within the EU / delivery within one week
(shipment by post or GLS): EUR 15.00


Shipment outside the EU:

Outside the European Union, prices are reduced by the Austrian tax (-20%).
"Express" delivery within one week (shipment by DHL express - three - five days): EUR 65.00
"Regular" delivery within four weeks (shipment by post - three - four weeks): EUR 30.00


Our price calculations are based on an order for a single bag. As a courtesy in the case of grouped orders, the shipping costs for the customer's entire order will be charged only a single time, even if the seller's actual costs are higher.
Delivery of the goods will only be made after full payment is received. Depending on the type of transfer, bank transactions may take several days (rough estimate: 1 to 3 days).



You may cancel the contract within 14 days' time from the date you receive the
goods you have ordered without the need to indicate any grounds of rescission
either in written or electronic form (e.g. letter, facsimile, e-mail) or by returning the
goods to us. It suffices if you send your notification that you are exercising your
right of cancellation within such period. In the case of cancellation, a whole or
partial refund of the purchase price will only be made simultaneously in exchange
for the return of the goods received by the customer.


Any returns of goods should be made to the following address:
EVA BLUT, Schottenfeldgasse 43/28a, 1070 Vienna, Austria


The customer must return the goods to us in an unused condition, capable of being
resold as new, and in their original packaging. In the case of items that have been
impaired by traces of usage, EVA BLUT will charge a reasonable fee for the decrease
in value. The same applies where any accessories or parts are missing at such time
as the goods are returned. The customer should use the enclosed return slip and
return sticker for returning the goods.
Payment obligations must be satisfied within 30 days' time. This period shall
commence as to the customer at such time as the goods are shipped or the
customer requests a return of them, and as to EVA BLUT at such time as it receives
a return of goods.
The customer shall be responsible for the cost of returning the goods. In the event
that the goods are returned freight collect /postage due, EVA BLUT shall be entitled
to retain a corresponding amount or to invoice the customer for such amount.


See also the terms and conditions of EVA BLUT