The Brand



Since its inception in 1999, the Viennese label EVA BLUT has stood for innovative and conceptual fashion and accessory design. Over the last twenty years, its mastermind and founder Eva Buchleitner has researched and optimised the exciting interaction between fashion and product design in many collections and collaborations. Her unique approach has received accolades at international festivals, exhibitions, and workshops in fashion, art, design, and architecture. 


The Designer

Under the label EVA BLUT, Eva Buchleitner has been designing fashion and accessories since 1999. Since 2010, its focus has been the design of innovative, versatile and adaptable bags.


“What interests me about bags is that they mark the exact boundary between look and function, between fashion and product design. And in this way – rather like shoes or a code – clearly convey the image you wish to present.” 


Besides developing her own collections, Eva Buchleitner taught accessory and product design at the Fashion Insitute Vienna, Hetzendorf Palace. She is one of the founder members of the independent collaborations  modebus and WeShowroomParisNow


EVA BLUT’s bags combine aesthetics and functionality in a unique way.  

The Production


EVA BLUT bags are produced in small series in close collaboration with traditional leather workshops in the Czech Republic and Hungary. EVA BLUT is proud of making a small contribution to maintaining Europe’s long tradition of fine craftsmanship. 


Material & Care


EVA BLUT bags are very light as there is no hidden weight from inlays or metal fittings: the material responds to the needs of the form. This is the criterium for choosing the right type of leather. Softness and strength are crucial. An even shade and beautiful grain pattern give the bags a highly tactile and visual quality. 


Since the NO WASTE collection, reserve materials from previous productions have been reprocessed. In this way, resources are conserved and yet beautiful and durable products are created.


Sustainability is further defined with each collection.



Flexible Bag

EVA BLUT offers lightweight and versatile bags that meet contemporary expectations in terms of shape and fit.