shades of red

We associate red with various things - often we covet them: Lips, flowers, blood, wine,... 'Shades of Red' is a variation of different leathers such as noubuk, full-grain smooth leather, perforated mesh, cowhide, suede or patent leather.

In the NO WASTE collection by EVA BLUT, leftover pieces from previous seasons are used, which means that primarily no new material has to be produced.


Leather processing produces a relatively large amount of "off-cuts". Since an animal hide has irregularities, these (scars, double-skinned areas, etc.) must be bypassed in order to achieve a high-quality product.
Especially with large cutting patterns, it is often necessary to go far out of the way because the grown surface no longer accommodates the cut part.

Since these offcuts have always seemed to us to be of too high a quality to be treated as waste, at EVA BLUT they have been regarded as a resource, collected and carefully stored. It is now possible to assemble these resources into a new image by putting them together in smaller cut pieces.

The result impresses with diversity in colour, feel and look - a delightful, almost exuberant richness that can hardly be achieved with a regular collection.


Since each model is put together differently, only unique pieces are created that are available in limited editions - while stocks last.

The model shown is a variant, so the model ordered may differ in this spectrum.