PURENESS means that the essential is translated as purely as possible in form. This also means leaving out what is not really needed. 


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How are they shaped, the small spaces that contain our things that we always want to have with us?

From 2D to 3D - EVA BLUT explores this, plays with it. Like architects do.

The result are bags with pure forms, lucid lines, surprising functions. 


Leaving out what the function does not need reduces weight and increases wearing pleasure.

THE KNIT is an experimental design approach by EVA BLUT in which technique, material and craft together form the starting point of a new aesthetic.

Hand-knitted offers texture and strength that gives soft aniline leather its form. This shaping is idiosyncratic and plays up the possibilities of both leather gallantry and knitting.


Clarity is a longing. EVA BLUT wants to re-think the lines and construction of a bag and make them the focus of the design.

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