Shipment within Austria/delivery within five days
(shipment by Post): EUR 6.00

Shipment within the EU / delivery within one week
(shipment by post or DHL): EUR 15.00


Shipment outside the EU:
"Express" delivery within one week (shipment by DHL): EUR 65.00
"Regular" delivery within four weeks (shipment by post): EUR 30.00


Our price calculations are based on an order for a single bag. As a courtesy in the case of grouped orders, the shipping costs for the customer's entire order will be charged only a single time, even if the seller's actual costs are higher.
Delivery of the goods will only be made after full payment is received. Depending on the type of transfer, bank transactions may take several days (rough estimate: 1 to 3 days).


See also the terms and conditions of EVA BLUT