A fresh and elegant
take on the cycle-bag

Our generation is experiencing a true renaissance of the bicycle – a movement that spans across all layers of society and ages.

In order to protect the environment, to keep fit, or to simply avoid traffic jams, urban individuals chose to ride bikes, be it a single speed or their new e-bike.

This gave EVA BLUT the inspiration to design a functional, yet elegant, cycle-bag collection: VELOCITÉ.

The shape of VELOCITÉs does not restrain the rider’s motion, whilst the bag’s location keeps valuables within sight and safe at all times. The bags can be fixed onto the bike quickly, so your body is free and uninhibited during the ride.

Off the bike, VELOCITÉ are bags that work for men and women alike. EVA BLUT’s choice of fabrics and design don’t subordinate to ostentatious sportiness, instead VELOCITÉ are stylish everyday companions.

Made of 100% calfskin and durable mesh, a cotton lining, adjustable cotton-shoulder straps with leather details and PVC-zips. Manufactured in Vienna and Budapest.